- YE Inbound Alumni

Youth Exchange Inbound


Aurelie Roisin  2005-2006

Rotary Club of Philippeville-Florennes, Belgium

Rotary District 2170

After my year in Canada, I studied Marketing and management for 5 years. I met my husband Xavier Briot at University. We have been together for almost 11 years now. I have returned to Canada twice and the last time was in 2017 and that's where he proposed to marry him. We got married in 2019 and some exchange students came to the wedding! I have 2 kids, Louise (2.5 years) and Raphaël (8 months). I have been working for Lidl for almost 7 years as a district manager. We bought a house 6 years ago in a small village in the south of Belgium.

Going to Canada as an exchange student was probably the most scary and best decision I have ever made. What a year! Full of new experiences and new friends. I'm still in contact with my second host family and friends I met there. My best memory is our trip in California with exchange students organized by Rotary.


Juan Carlos Cajerville  2006-2007

Rotary Club of Bragado, Argentina

Rotary District 4905

Upon returning to Bragado after my year in Youth Exchange, I was lucky to have the opportunity to study at Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina (Buenos Aires) and become a lawyer. However, after a few personal and family issues I have decided to travel and discover new countries, new cultures, lots of new people and -as I like to say- learn how to smile in different languages: English, when doing my Rotary Youth Exchange Program, and afterwards Portuguese and Italian, so far.

Nowadays, I find myself working (within the tourism area as in Guest Relations) and traveling through Europe, as well as volunteering in different NGO. Lots of experiences that let me understand we can live simple, with fewer things than we could imagine.

As an exchange student in Canada, I felt at home, literally. Surprisingly, I found a society way more warm and empathetic than I expected. I just have great memories and lots of love when thinking of my exchange experience.

I would also like to congratulate and thank the Windsor-Roseland Rotary Club, because you were not only a great host, but also a very proactive Club, locally and internationally speaking. These characteristics led to a big positive impact in my home community of Bragado through an RI Global Grant to help create a Neonatal Unit in our regional hospital.

I send you all a very big Argentinean hug, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again.


Woobin Choi  2008-2009

Rotary Club of Busan-Souel, South Korea

Rotary District 3660

After coming back to Korea. I took my Korean SAT and attended Inha University, majoring in Business Administration

I served my military duty in 2014~2015. I started to learn computer programing about 1 year ago, and now I have started to work as computer programmer.

To think of my 2008-2009 exchange year. It was a great moment that I still remember even more than 10 years later. All the Rotary Events, people I met there, and my friends from all over the world.

My Youth Exchange experience enabled me to become more open-minded about other countries, and because of that I could help other exchange students whom I met in university.

All the sports games (Red Wings, Pistons games), Detroit Auto Show, I can not choose simply one memory, All the memories are very huge experiences for me and I wish I could go back.

Congratulations to RIPE Jennifer Jones, from the South Korean Kid…Well not a kid anymore!


Mirella Amaral  2009-2010

Rotary Club of Belo Horizonte Mangabeiras, Brazil

Rotary District 4520

My YE year has definitely impacted my life and career path in a positive way. I came back from Canada in 2010 and started my International Relations degree. I've also decided to learn Spanish thanks to the many latinx friends I've made. I graduated in 2015 and moved to Argentina, where I still live to this day. Throughout my university years, I was always involved in their exchange program, which gave me the chance to remain in touch with different cultures. I guess I've always wanted to re-live my YE year in a way. Learning English has also opened some doors for me. I work for a North American company now and even got the chance to volunteer as an English teacher in a comuna in Medellín, Colombia in 2017.

My best YE memories definitely involve either my host family or my fellow YE students. My Canadian family always treated me as a daughter and one of their own. I'm still in touch with my family to this day. The other students were also a big part of my YE year, I'm still in contact with some of them who have become great friends of mine. It's crazy how much a year can change your life!


YE Inbound Alumni

Year                  Name                                           Country

2019-20             Severin (Sevi) Leuthard                 Switzerland

2009-10             Mirella Rodrigues do Amaral           Brazil

2008-09             Woo Bin Choi                                South Korea

2007-08             Ludivine Caron                              France

                         Christian Bolding Jensen                Denmark

2006-07             Anita Chen                                   Taiwan

                         Juan Carlos Cajerville                    Argentina

2005-06             Aurelie Roisin                               Belgium

2004-05             Ismelda Alvarez                            Venezuela

                         Khareen Sosa                               Philippines

2003-04             Emma Ljungkvist                          Sweden

                         Julie Ravella                                 France

2002-03             Maria Jose Moreno Rodriguez         Mexico

2001-02             Sarah Baumann                            Germany

1999-2000         Leonardo Medina da Fonseca          Brazil

1997-98             Marie Leruth                                 Belgium

1996-97             Yoshimi Kawano                            Japan

1995-96             Sarah Page                                   Australia

1994-95             Paula Aquino                                 Brazil

1993-94             David Diez                                    Spain

1992-93             Claudia Kranabitl                           Austria

1991-92             Marie Ange Chacornac Gilliard        France

1990-91             John Robinson                              Australia